About HallBooking.net™

The company is established with future dimensions to harmonize development and digital transformation to meet future needs. For a period exceeding two years of studies, analyses, research, application development examining path, appointment of specialists, consultants from several countries in different sectors, the idea of HB Digital. was eventually furnished. HB provides a high quality sales channel, helping millions of customers, scaling from social events to formal businesses, to pick convenient customized solutions and services. These vary from business meetings, conferences, ceremonies, birthdays, to weddings by selecting halls with flexible tailor- made initiatives according to needs. Customization will include the selection of photographers, catering, cake bakery, wedding dressing, event planners, Salons, Flowers, Invitation cards, cards, DJ, bands, zaffah, bridal cars and many other more. HallBooking is developed and owned by “AswadWeb ICT and Software Solutions Company” in Bahrain.

Hall Booking allows web and mobile visitors to explore hundreds of service providers in global comparisons and contact them directly in convenient and efficient techniques to get the best prices and satisfy their needs.

HallBooking.net invests in digital technology that helps take the thousands of couples and wedding service providers throughout this time. HallBooking.net is the leading wedding planning guide today in Bahrain. HallBooking.net allows web and mobile visitors to explore hundreds of wedding service providers in Bahrain and contact them directly and efficiently in a simple and convenient way to get the best prices and offers.

Who We Are

A Group of visionary experts working together with strong command and leadership skills in academic and IT sectors. The group enjoys deep understanding of business development combined with a financial background. The group works with passion aiming to achieve goals and beyond through the creation of Hall- Booking Platform.

For Couples Planning Their Wedding

Our goal is to make your wedding planning enjoyable and easy to manage. Getting married is so special but it takes a lot of time and effort to plan the perfect wedding. HallBooking.net will guide you through your wedding preparations and help you find all your necessities for the big day. HallBooking.net made it possible to plan the whole wedding from the comfort of your own home. You can easily find the best venues in your local area. Choose from hundreds of hotels, wedding dress shops, to wedding accessories. We also provide you with articles and ideas that are updated weekly by a team of editors and experts to help you step by step in the completion of all stages of the preparation process for a perfect wedding.

For Service Providers Our goal is to connect you with the customers, and provide you with a sustainable online presence such that the customers find you! Thousands of couples are visiting HallBooking.net everyday to plan their Wedding, Meeting, Education, Ceremony, Conference, Condolences, and find the right vendors service providers through our website. This has encouraged all businesses to register to HallBooking.net which serves Bahrain.


Well known as a global unique marketing and digital sales disruptive channel


To continue development to lead global digital events planning driven by innovations and passion

Value Proposition

Unique Solution B2B – B2C marketing and digital sales channel. Customer will be able to select, design & produce any event and activity.

How Does it Work

Registering at HB will enable Venues' Owners and Service Providers to increase their digital sales with lower cost while providing free booking platform to use with sound subscription packages.


AswadWeb (the company behind HallBooking.net™) is registered and based in Bahrain, from where it renders an online reservation service (the "Service") on its website (the "Website", mobile iOS and Android application).

For all questions about HallBooking.net, the Service (i.e. the online booking reservation service) and the Website or if you wish to send or serve any documents, correspondence, notices or other communications in respect of HallBooking.net, the Service, the Website, Application, or for press enquiries, please contact AswadWeb directly.

AswadWeb does not accept or assume any domicile at any place, other than its registered office in Bahrain. The support companies do not operate and are not authorized to act as any form of process or service agent of AswadWeb - CR No 107109-01 can be made in or through the support companies.

Law Enforcement Guidelines

These operational Law Enforcement Guidelines on data disclosure requests are addressed to Law Enforcement Authorities seeking information from HallBooking.net about its customers and/or business partners.

Please note, any enquiry unrelated to a Law Enforcement Request will not receive a response. For any other matter please contact our Customer Service Department.

Who is responsible for handling data disclosure requests?

As the owner and operator of www.hallbooking.net website and apps, AswadWeb in Bahrain is responsible for handling all data disclosure requests relating to customer and partner data worldwide.

AswadWeb is the data controller for any personal data collected through the HallBooking.net online reservation services. Moreover, AswadWeb is the contracting partner for all partners in Bahrain.

Information for Law Enforcement Authorities located

Bahrain Law Enforcement Authorities requesting (personal) information must comply with the following requirements:

  • The request must be legally binding for AswadWeb;
  • The request must be addressed to AswadWeb, CR 107109-01, Bahrain.

What information should be included in the data disclosure request?

AswadWeb will only disclose information upon receipt of a request which is legally binding to HallBooking.net under Bahrain laws. This request should include in any event the following information:

  • Formal writing, directed and addressed to AswadWeb A request addressed to “HallBooking.net” or “Customer Service at HallBooking.net” will not be considered valid;
  • Clear ground for the legal basis of the request;
  • Description of the natural person or legal entity about whom the information is requested;
  • Name and signature of the issuing authority, badge/ID number of the responsible agent or officer, email address and a direct contact number;
  • At least provide
  • Booker email address or reservation number (only a Booker’s name is not sufficient);
    Hall name and booking ID number;
  • Specific summary of data that is required to be disclosed and the period within which data is sought;
  • Expected response period.

Please be as specific as possible and remember that all data disclosure requests must be reasonable, proportionate and necessary for the stated purpose.

What happens in an emergency situation?

AswadWeb will make exceptions to its normal data disclosure procedure, if AswadWeb believes that an emergency situation (such as a terrorist act, serious harm to or death of a person) has occurred or may imminently occur if the requested information is not provided in a timely manner.

Emergency Disclosure Requests must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Address the request to AswadWeb, CR-107109-01, Bahrain.
  • Indicate that you’re submitting an Emergency Disclosure Request;
  • Indicate the nature of the emergency situation (such as serious harm to or death of a person);
  • If possible, identify the (group of) person(s) in danger;
  • Specify which information is needed and why disclosure of data by HallBooking.net could (help to) prevent the emergency. Please be as detailed as possible;
  • Include full contact details and signature of the submitting law enforcement officer, including a direct phone number.

Important Considerations

  • The HallBooking.net Customer Service Team is not authorized to disclose any information by telephone or email outside of the process as explained in these Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • AswadWeb will not respond to correspondence sent to our employees’ corporate/personal email addresses.
  • AswadWeb will only respond to Law Enforcement Requests sent in accordance with these Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • AswadWeb has strict procedures in place for the protection of payment card data. Credit card details are generally hashed and therefore not readable 10 days after the reservation was made.
  • AswadWeb reserves the right to notify its customers when their personal data is being sought, except where providing such notice is prohibited by law.

Benefits of working with HallBooking.net

A transparent partnership

At HallBooking.net, we use innovation and years of industry experience to provide partners with the services, products, and support they need. That’s why we offer the tools, visibility and round-the-clock backup you might not get on your own.

Expert online marketing

We promote your property on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, making sure you’re seen by huge numbers of potential bookers. In addition to marketing directly to HallBooking.net users, you’ll also be seen by party planning their parties through our affiliate partners.

Global audience

More than one thousand halls are booked on HallBooking.net every day. We help you reach a huge audience of potential guests, from every corner of the country – meaning you have access to completely new markets, all in one place.

Instant confirmation

All bookings made through HallBooking.net are instantly confirmed, keeping things quick and simple for you.

Data at your fingertips

Our analytics tools give you in-depth insight into your property’s performance. You can compare with your competitive set, measure up against industry benchmarks, and plan strategies to take your business to the next level.

Support when you need it

Our customer service team is here to help you and your guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer assistance by phone, email or instant messenger in Arabic,English and Indian languages as well as a platform Partner Help Center, which is full of FAQs, manuals, and step-by-step guides.

A powerful, online presence

At Hall Booking we actively market your property on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to make sure that it is visible to a global audience, exposing you to the highest possible number of potential bookers, in our application the customer will have variety in options; wedding, meeting, education ceremony, conference, Condolences, with a long list of vendors.

Innovative tools and features

Highly skilled experts are constantly working on the website and mobile apps to keep up with the latest developments in the online world, ensuring that your page is optimised to encourage bookings.

Instant confirmation

All bookings made through Hall Booking are instantly confirmed so you have no extra steps to take on your side.

Verified guest reviews

A dedicated team verifies guest reviews, making sure they are legitimate. This gives you credibility and helps future guests make the decision to stay with you.

Open and close your property when you want

We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you're in control of your property.


You control your availability

Only accept guests during the summer or maybe just weekends, at Hall Booking you decide when you want guests.

24/7 Support

Our round-the-clock support team is here for you and your guests.


Our pricing structure is based around the idea that the price you set is what guests pay. We don't add anything on top so that you can price your property competitively and receive more guests.

Clients Subscription Requirements

Commission Payments

You will pay commission for each complete booking you receive through HallBooking.net website. The commission percentage is ( 10 % ) only of each complete booking.

At the end of each month, we'll send our clients an e-invoice for all complete bookings in the previous month based on commission percentage, then do Fawri+ bank transaction from our Ithmaar Bank account to your bank account.

Yearly Subscription fees:

To be listed on Hallbooking.net website, Apps and have all the above benefits, you have to activate your HallBooking.net account and pay your yearly subscription fees.

You can check our smart packages which suite all Venue and Vendors needs

* The Hall Owner subscription account will have the vendors features embedded.

Clients Responsibilities

  • Valid Company Registration (CR) copy issued in Bahrain.

  • Valid CPR and Passport copy.

  • Bank account, IBAN number.

  • Pay and Activate HallBooking.net yearly subscription.

  • Online sign up/renew, enter the verification email code.

  • Upload Hall/Vendor information and pictures.

  • Fill Hall/Vendor policy and conditions.

  • Manage your new customers.