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The company is established with future dimensions to harmonize development and digital transformation to meet future needs. For a period exceeding two years of studies, analyses, research, application development examining path, appointment of specialists, consultants from several countries in different sectors, the idea of HB Digital. was eventually furnished. HB provides high quality sales channel, helping millions of customers, scaling from social events to formal businesses, to pick convenient customized solutions and services. These vary from business meetings, conferences, ceremonies, birthdays, to weddings by selecting halls with flexible tailor- made initiatives according to needs. Customization will include the selection of photographers, catering, cake bakery, wedding dressing, event planners, Salons, Flowers, Invitation cards, cards, DJ, bands, zaffah, bridal cars and many other more. HallBooking is developed and owned by “AswadWeb ICT and Software Solutions Company” in Bahrain.

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